Is homeschooling for you?

Hi, welcome to our little piece of the world.  I am a divorced mom of 2 wonderful kids that enjoy making me crazy.   We started homeschooling when my oldest was only 3 years old.  I was helping my niece and nephew  with their homework.  My daughter insisted she needed some homework as well.  The crazy kid is regretting it now that she is nearly 16 and doing college work.

Why Homeschool

Her need to learn worked out for us. It kickstarted her homeschooling and then her sisters.   I was the primary caregiver for my terminally ill mom.  It gave us the freedom to get to her appointments and her daily care. We had the freedom to deal with last minute changes if her blood sugar dropped or skyrocketed. We had many days with ambulances that would have been hard to juggle with a set school schedule.

As difficult as some days were, and they were difficult, I am grateful for the time my kids were able to spend getting to know their grandma.  We got to build memories of her.  We got to take some wonderful field trips with her. She got to show them her creative and crafty side.  Grandma got to snuggle and listen to them read early books with her.  My mom has been gone for nearly 5 years now and we still talk about things she would have liked. I guess it is my way of trying to help my 9-year-old to remember her grandma.

Homeschooling Clicks

Obviously, sometimes life sucks. The rest of the time, those calm moments when I can snuggle with my 9-year-old and read a book out loud together, or listen to her giggling with her older sister when the 2 of them are alone and just being sisters, hanging out with my 15 year old and just talking about anything and seeing her smile or laugh. These are the moments that make it all worthwhile.  I love that moment when you see it click when they are first learning to write their names. That spark when they are first learning to read or add. These moments when they are at their proudest are what make it all worthwhile and why I love to homeschool.

Best Things in Life

I get to be there. I get to share those big milestones with them and not just hear about them.  It’s crazy sometimes how the big tragic moments have such a devastating impact on us and yet, it is a simple positive moment, a first smile, a first step, the first giggle, and ohh, that first time your baby wraps their whole hand around your finger and you are gone, it doesn’t matter how bad everything was 5 minutes ago, in that wonderful moment, you know that life goes on and it will be ok. At least until life kicks you down again.  I have learned that life is about those little moments. Like watching my children smile, listening to my cat purr, cuddling with our dog,  or listening to my kids just giggling together.  Those are the moments that make everything worth it.   These are the moments I cherish for they are truly life at its best.

I guess for some people it is about the big highs but to me, they are like the big lows, they pass and in the end, they fade.  My greatest joy comes from those often overlooked everyday moments.

This is me, Homeschooling

So, this is me and what makes me tick.  My posts here will be about our days, homeschooling, crafts, a little of this, a little of that.  Some tips on coursework or favorite books the kids enjoy or simply what is on my mind that day.


Homeschool tips and day to day