Snow Day

Snow Day!

I can remember the feeling of snow days from back when I was a kid.  They were the best!  My brothers and I could play, sled, freeze our fingers and noses of until we had to go inside.  Good times!  Now, as a homeschool parent, I pick those magical days.  Sometimes that works in my favor but other times it makes me the villain.  My oldest helps with shoveling the sidewalk and steps.  I love that, she is great at helping in the snow and around the house.  My youngest has a smaller shovel she uses to shovel off the back deck for the dogs to get to the yard.  I can not emphasize enough how she looks forward to snow so that she can use her special shovel and do that all important job.  I have to force her little red-nosed self to come in for some hot chocolate.  Kids and snow, perfect together!

 Ice Day?

Just doesn’t have the same ring of excitement to it.  Today, we are having an ice day.  Everything is covered in ice.  I woke at 5 am to put the dogs out and expected to see snow.  Except, there was no snow.  Instead, I witness our boxer mix slide across the back deck as she charged out the back door. The sky is gray and overcast as the wet sleet and rain mix pings against the windows.  Just makes it all a bit gloomy. So, I called it.  Snow day or ice day, in the end, it means a day off.  A perfect lazy day with hot chocolate and popcorn.


It is a perfect day to set aside the books, crawl under blankets and read aloud, snuggle and laugh.  Chocolatey drinks with cool whip on top just seem to bring it all home.  Snow days are what memories are made and bring joy to kids of all ages.  Even if today’s snow day isn’t really about the snow but instead about that shiny coating that makes it look like the neighbor’s trees are made of glass.  We’ll take it.