K-cup crafts

Too Many K-Cups

With the Keurig and Farberware and other K-cup machines on the market, there are always k-cups around.  We happen to have a Keurig in the kitchen and a Farberware K-cup machine in the classroom where my kids can make themselves a hot chocolate on chilly mornings.  At one point I had collected 20 brown k-cups and 30 white ones.  It is amazing how fast they accumulate.

So Messy

Have you tried to clean out a K-cup?  Working with the coffee ones means a filter to carefully pull out with the grounds.  It is the same with the tea ones.  But, the hot chocolate ones are the easiest to clean as long as you pull off the foil seal the same day they are used and give it a quick rinse.  Be careful, the edges are sharp on those little cups.  Different brands come in different colors.  The brown is good for some crafts and the white for others. If possible, try to collect a dozen of each color.  That may seem like a lot but, once you start working with them, it really isn’t.  Word of warning, the projects can be addictive once you start.

Where To Start


I started with Pinterest.  They are chock full of ideas.  If you don’t have an account with them or don’t want to set one up, there are a ton of options on google. Personally, I have done both.  I am not good with directions.  I read them and do what I want anyway.  Basically, for me, I have a simple process.

  • First, search google images of K-cup crafts.
  • Second, go to my pinterest and search them.
  • Third, print out pics of all the ones I like.
  • Finally, I sit down with my kids and see which ones catch their eye. Then, we just eyeball them and they either work out or they don’t.

It’s Time

My favorite part!  Digging out the supplies.  Now, I keep one K-cup stencil that I use for when we are working on projects with foam covered cups.  I just cut up one side, then carefully cut around the rim of the bottom and remove it.  What I am left with is a nice piece that I can trace when needed.  It comes in very handy when you want to color the outside of a K-cup quickly.


I find it best to keep certain supplies on hand at all times.  Everything is easy to find.  Most, I am able to get at the local dollar store.

  1. Googly Eyes.
  2. Self-sticking foam sheets in an assortment of colors.
  3. Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
  4. Pipe Cleaners.
  5. Fine tip sharpie.
  6.  Scissors.
  7. Pom poms of assorted colors and sizes.

That’s it. For most projects, that is all you will need other than your creativity.  Now, let me point out, the trolls were so much fun.  For their hair, I had trouble finding faux fur in small quantities.  I ended up buying some small keychain poms.  The Dollar Tree had them,  the poms were multi-colored in vivid shades.  They were simple to cut open and once opened were 2 small rectangles of color.  It was perfect and each keychain was able t make 2 trolls.  Remember to be creative, have fun and just enjoy it.  Not all projects are as simple as the look.  Believe me, we have had some so bad, my teenager laughed at them as we tossed them.

Just Have Fun

The biggest thing I can say is that they are fun.  You can be creative, get silly and put your personal stamp on them.  The whole point is to be able to sit down, share some time with your kids and laugh.  Believe me, you mess up a few and there is plenty of laughter.