Photography catches everything

Homeschooling tools are all around us

I love photography. Life is constantly changing.  Sometimes things are wonderful, sometimes they aren’t.  A camera doesn’t decide good or bad.  The lens doesn’t notice if a flower is wilting.  It doesn’t alter anyone’s smile but, it can alter a mood. People respond to pictures. They love a good shot of someone succeeding.  Sometimes, a shot of an epic fail is even better.  One simple photo can tell us a story or jog a memory.  Everything around us can teach us something.  Whether we are learning about plants, insects, phases of the moon or telling time by the sun, knowledge is everywhere.  Life is filled with moments to capture:

  •    flowers
  •    bugs
  •    clouds
  •    my pets
  •    my kids
  •    and so much more!

Photography documents our everyday

I love to catch a photo of a lovely flower that has a small flaw or even a tiny bug.  Along the way, I will post new pics with little somethings that catch my eye.  Because I just like the extra something hidden and unexpected.

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