UGH! learning HTML

Never to old to learn something new

Trying to learn HTML to help with this blog and hopefully be able to understand it to help teach it to my kids.  I found a great blog that teaches it.  No, she isn’t paying me to post this.  I found her blog and I am hoping, it will help.

Lesson One

The key things I got from lesson one:

  • HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language and should be thought of as the main structure in a building. It is the primary building block, defines structure, and contains content.
  • CSS should be thought of as the paint and finishing products.  It is the design and formatting.
  • JAVASCRIPT is the electric, it adds the inactivity.
  • The HTML tags mark hierarchy of information.
  • Hyper text refers to hyperlinking links – link where you click and get redirected.

Now, keeping in mind this is my first lesson, forgive me if I mess it up.  I have zero knowledge heading into this.  Wish me luck, I have a feeling I might need some.


If I am understanding this right, Synax is the language of HTML.  The markers that help identify and contain everything.   Such as:

  • Plain paragraph <p>
  • Important heading <h1>
  • Head <head>
  • Body <body>

Maybe, if I am understanding this all right, I think I know how to add a meta value.  To verify my blog with the search sites, I need to be able to access and add a Meta code.  My steps:

First, word press to themes.

Second, themes to editor,

Third, editor to header.php.

Now, to add the meta value to my website header file. Once open, I need to add my meta code under <head> tag.

Let’s do this

Finally, click to update file.  I am so nervous.  I have spent days trying to make this update to get my blog out there for everyone to read.  Having watched my efforts fail for a week is what led me to learn HTML.  Being a stubborn personality means I do not let failure stop me. Most of all, I am single-minded until I can get it done.  So again I ask, please, wish me luck.